Modern Day Myth Productions Is Casting Amazon Actresses To Play Futuristic Amazons

Sorry, no new pictures or artwork for this post. New artwork is in production for future posts.

There will be open roles for Amazon Black Ops Special Forces cyborgs with height requirements of six to seven feet tall.

Here is their uniform once again:

There will also be open roles for Amazon soldiers from two enemy nations and one civilian husband of one of the Amazon soldiers. Men from this world are between four and five feet tall. Amazons are six feet tall.

We will be casting an actress who is a dead ringer for Artemis: Goddess of the Hunt as the title indicates for this new production. We need someone who resembles the museum statues of the goddess.

Lastly, silver aliens will be needed. Maybe four of these guys, hunting the Amazons in the woods for game.

I, Creator 2: Goddess of the Hunt

This production will be a short of approximately 30 minutes and if the production values are high enough, this short may be used to help with the fund raising for a feature to follow down the line.


When life around the universe becomes threatened by two Amazons transformed into cyborgs who are obsessed with ruling the universe, the goddess of the Amazons appears among them to prepare three cyborgs to become the champions of humankind.

We hope to shoot this short next year around the summer time. But, we have a long preproduction planned that is necessary to build custom props, a spaceship for the production, casting, rehearsals, and costume making and fitting.

Click here for the latest updates:


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