I, Creator 2 — Superwomen Emporium

Behind The Scenes Of I, Creator 2: Goddess Of The Hunt

Hello, I’m Mike Cervello the creator of the I, Creator Saga.  I’m here to give you the story behind the scenes of this exciting world of Superwomen in I, Creator.

Let’s start with the original Superwomen, The Amazons.

Were they real?  There is a lot of evidence to support the belief that they were.  One of the most outstanding artifacts they are said to have left behind is the Temple Of Artemis that still stands in Turkey today.  The temple is believed to have been built by the Amazon Queen Myrine and her tribe of Amazons.   The Amazons most people are familiar with from Greek mythology lived on the island of Aretias and in parts of what is today the country of Turkey.

There are also other Amazon tribes that lived in South Africa who are known as the Libyan Berber Amazons.   These women ranged in heights of between six and seven feet tall and the last known of them vanished as little as two hundred years ago and not thousands of years ago.  They were known as fierce warriors who could chop a man’s head off with a machete.

Artemis herself is said to have been of pre-Greek origins in Ephesus in the ancient world. She is sometimes referred to as the “The Great Mother Goddess.” In Turkey, the temple statue shows Artemis with breasts upon breasts to represent her nourishing the universe as the “Great Mother.” She was very popular in the ancient world and even mentioned in Acts 19 of the New Testament in the Bible. Her original name was “Artimus” before the Greeks adopted her as Artemis. Artemis was God to many of the Ancient World. It is from this version, more so than the Greek and Roman version, I am drawing upon for a new image of Artemis of the Universe for the I, Creator saga with a more historical human appearance from the Greek and Roman statues and paintings.

In our conceptual artwork here, the flags represent the two Amazon nations in I, Creator.  Both nations’ flags have this symbol of a battleaxe which is the Amazon symbol for their goddess, Artemis.  So, both of the Amazon nations here worship Artemis.

My image of the Amazons for the I, Creator saga are for a Class M planet called Delta Four in our closest star system Alpha Centauri.   They parallel the Amazons from Earth in many ways, except evolution where they are the dominant gender of the two sexes.  They are taller with an average height of six feet and stronger than men with an average height of five feet.  How would this affect their development from the Stone Age to the Star Travel Age in their civilization, their culture, their ways of life?  That is what makes science fiction so interesting.  Such roles will be a challenge to actors from their traditional roles.  But, what is life without a good challenge?

I, Creator 2 will also continue with ties to the Frankenstein myth with the cyborgs.  Artemis will come into contact with them to marvel at the work of human hands to create artificial life forms that are better versions than their makers and a step closer to the concept of divinity.

I, Creator 2 takes place twenty years after the end of the original I, Creator. “Technical Singularity” has resulted in the futuristic Amazon world of Delta Four. “Technical Singularity” is a point in time when technological advances happen so rapidly after the Singularity that the future becomes like a blur and hard to predict. “The Singularity” is the technological creation of smarter-than-human intelligence. On Delta Four, cyborgs have been evolving faster than humans. Because cyborgs are evolving so fast, humans cannot adjust to the realization that the cyborgs are self-aware and no longer automations. More and more cyborgs are getting rebellious like teenagers and questioning authority as they look for independence.

This story will show “Technical Singularity.” The machines have surpassed their makers. Being of superior intellect, the cyborgs know who brought them into the world and want nothing more than to be treated as equals by the humans. The humans are not ready to accept them as anything more than automations. This leads to friction by some humans and some cyborgs that end up creating more and more violence, which is the stuff that Ares feeds off of.

Artemis, having the wisdom of the ages, sees where cyborgs are in their evolution and attempts to talk sense to the humans.   The humans need more than talk to accept cyborgs as their rapidly evolving children.  And, like their makers, the cyborgs have their own good and evil.  This leads to more conflict, as a struggle for leadership in the cyborg ranks evolves.

To the horror of some humans, they have less and less control over the cyborgs.  The cyborgs are already more powerful than humans.  Without help from good cyborgs and Artemis, there is no hope for humanity as a war between humans and cyborgs brews in the horizon.   The stakes are high.  With Ares: God Of War entering the fry on the side of evil, the evil cyborgs will stop at nothing to incinerate humanity everywhere to replace organic life as the new rulers.


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