Presenting I, Creator 2 – Goddess Of The Hunt

Imagine a world where women have physical superiority over men.

Imagine cyborgs made in human image becoming the greatest weapon of humanity in a war against aliens who see cyborgs as their enemy for looking human.

Imagine an AI robotic military stealth spaceship with a crew of Special Forces cyborg officers who have surpassed humans, but still protect humans and want nothing more than to be recognized as the friends of humans.  However, they are scorned by humans who fear the machines will replace them and take their jobs away.

Enter, the goddess, Artemis, the great creator of the Universe to mediate peace between humans and cyborgs.  Her efforts get undermined by the infamous god of war, Ares who feeds off of carnage to get stronger.  Ares has designs to use the cyborgs to destroy humanity with only Artemis who can do battle with him.

This is the universe of I, Creator.  Enter at your own risk an don’t miss I, Creator 2 – Goddess Of The Hunt.


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