This will be another year to rebuild, recover, and restore. I did not accomplish enough of what I wanted to this time last year. The Winter of 2015 did major damage to my car, as my close followers are aware. It sucked a lot of income out of me to save my car last year in the Spring. Things did get fixed in my apartment, but not nearly enough. My new film and video editing computer still needs hardware and software before it is ready for special effects editing. I hope to get that squared away this year. I also need a few extra small things for my camera. The biggest expense will come with replacing stuff lost in my sleeping area from a couple of years ago now. Thus, I cannot get a “good night’s sleep” until I do replace that which was lost. The car expenses last year stole money from that last year. Let’s hope this year goes according to plan. If all does go according to plan, I hope to shoot the new spaceship footage this year, so I can replace all of the old footage in I, Creator 2 — Goddess of the Hunt and add in the extended footage. Some footage will have to be re-edited as well before the footage is all put together. The extended version will be copyrighted and go through Withoutabox and IMDB to get screen credit for everyone who worked on it as originally planned. The extended version should stand a better chance at film festivals than the present version because the eyesore spaceship footage will be replaced with something that must be better before the film is released.
I will be cautious about the future as the last three years of disasters has taught me, I can’t plan for everything. So, I will be optimistic and hope to complete what I could not achieve in 2015, and complete it this year. If all is accomplished and the extended version of the film is shot and completed, I will make plans for a future screening party for the cast and crew and guests. But, not before the film is completed and ready for new film festivals.
Happy 2016 everyone.



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