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Coming Back for the holidays with some improvements

November 14, 2012

The 22 minute version of the sci-fi pilot film, I, Creator 2 – Goddess of the Hunt will be back for the holidays with some editing tweaks to add to the enjoyment.


Presenting I, Creator 2 – Goddess Of The Hunt

July 24, 2012

Imagine a world where women have physical superiority over men.

Imagine cyborgs made in human image becoming the greatest weapon of humanity in a war against aliens who see cyborgs as their enemy for looking human.

Imagine an AI robotic military stealth spaceship with a crew of Special Forces cyborg officers who have surpassed humans, but still protect humans and want nothing more than to be recognized as the friends of humans.  However, they are scorned by humans who fear the machines will replace them and take their jobs away.

Enter, the goddess, Artemis, the great creator of the Universe to mediate peace between humans and cyborgs.  Her efforts get undermined by the infamous god of war, Ares who feeds off of carnage to get stronger.  Ares has designs to use the cyborgs to destroy humanity with only Artemis who can do battle with him.

This is the universe of I, Creator.  Enter at your own risk an don’t miss I, Creator 2 – Goddess Of The Hunt.

I, Creator 2 – Goddess Of The Hunt

October 25, 2011

Logline: When Special Forces Cyborgs are sent to rescue Amazons kidnapped from their home planet by aliens, the cyborgs discover the Amazon goddess, Artemis on a mission to save humanity from Ares.

Tagline: “Built as better soldiers and greater weapons, they were never expected to learn the value of life.”

The goal of making I, Creator 2 — Goddess Of The Hunt is to make a 30 minute short to seek funding for a science fiction feature film for the cable TV networks.  The cast and crew worked together on spec with this 30 minute production with hopes of getting the feature to follow, I, Creator 3 — The Singularity fully funded where we can all get paid for our work.  So, we set forth and shot our film.
We got a lot of useful footage for this production.  The rough cut assembly is complete.  Now, the rough cut is in full production.  A 3D animator, visual Fx / Matt painter, and some cgi people are needed to bring this production to the next level.

The shoot went over budget WAY too much.  I am in deep financial trouble.  I can only look forward to a tax refund next year to get the money I need to complete the post.

Due to issues with actors, we were not able to have trans-cyborg battles with cyborgs in the film.  We are lucky the script had a layered story with layered characters.  So, we were able to still put a story together.

As a result of too many issues with the cast, all new faces in future productions will need SAG cards or overseas union cards as actors, as long as the overseas actors cover their own transportation costs.  Union actors bring a lot to a production looking to raise their standards to improve every production.  They bring a much higher level of professionalism, responsibility, and experience on a whole.  We managed to get some of the very best of the non-union actors to work with us to the end of IC2. I recommend the actors of IC2 to anyone. They are amazing to work with.  And, they are invited back to work on IC3-The Singularity.  The script for IC3 is now in development.

The exception to the new casting requirements is an actor must have had a good relationship with the executive producer or a member of the I, Creator 2 – Goddess of the Hunt cast and worked with them on set before.  Bottom line is only reliable people that have proven to be reliable may be considered for roles.  Team players who work with others well is a must.   Major talent agencies only work with people they work with recommend.  And, so shall we from now on.   Also, I don’t forget flakes.

We will be shooting pickup footage Spring 2012 to add value to our production.  I look forward to working with the cast of I, Creator 2 again.  They are great people who are serious about making a great film.

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